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Panopto QuickStart Guide

Panopto is a screen recording and hosting service that works securely inside the eLearn platform. It works as a stand alone desktop and mobile application, a website Panopto.com, and has the ability to embed content directly into the LMS.

The following QuickStart guide will give you a first taste of the system.

1. Log in to Panopto.com

Use your full college email to log in. Then select MyCanvas from the drop down if it appears. That should redirect you to the College login screen, and log in there as normal.

The login window at Panopto.com

2. Download the Panopto device client (Windows, Mac, iOS or Android)

This will allow local, and offline recording. It will also give Panopto access to things like your camera, microphone, and screen for screen recordings.

3. Create a link to your course.

In the Canvas course you want to link, go to Settings, then Navigation. Select enable for Panopto, and press Save (Key and often forgotten step).

This will add Panopto to your navigation bar on the left. Once you select/open it from there this creates a dedicated folder inside Panopto for your course, and will make any videos created there available to your students.

Note: This location can also be used for student assignments. When students visit this content item they will have the opportunity to upload media, or download the mobile or desktop app and record videos directly to Panopto. They also get access to all of the other features, such as editing videos.

4. Record your first video.

Inside the Panopto application there are options for the video source (Note: Main and/or secondary monitor, PowerPoint, or one of the computer’s cameras), audio source, and quality of the video stream (Note: High quality video can is best for local recording, but can be slow during live broadcasts.)

5. Edit, annotate, and much more on the website.

The Panopto Application automatically uploads any recordings to the Panopto.com website. Here you can edit your videos, add chapter markers, closed captions and many other editing tools. See additional guides for more.

6. Add content to the course website.

In addition to viewing videos through the Panopto content link, individual videos can also be embedded into course pages. Using the “Add Item +”, Panopto videos are added using the “Apps” option in the formatting/menu bar.

Congrats, you’re on your way. Remember to explore the Panopto website and learn about everything it has to offer.

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